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The gulf stream died in 2010, and one scientist knew it four years ago

Hier entlang zur ausführlicheren

This year (2009/2010) the gulf stream ended up in Greenland and brought Europe the fiercest winter in a long time — but it's just the kind of winter Europe would regularly experience according to its latitude.

Some might now wish to have global warming back, but apparently global warming itself has caused this effect. Melting glaciers and ice sheets have spilled so much fresh water in the North Atlantic that a cold current heading south is no longer saline enough to pass underneath the warm gulf stream as it did in the past 15.000 years. Carrying less salt, the cold currents became lighter and block the normal path of the gulf stream toward Europe.

Since global warming continues to spill fresh water into the ocean, thereby raising the sea level and lowering the salinity of the northern Atlantic, it could take hundreds of years for the gulf stream to return to what we thought was its normal course. Only when the sea levels have risen and the exchange of sea water has spread salt evenly over the planet, the gulf stream might return to its old course.

Scientists and experts of the United Nations have warned for years that during this century the gulf stream could become weaker with grave consequences for Europe. A Russian physicist in particular, Mr Alexej Karnauchow, predicted four years ago that the gulf stream would actually stop in 2010. He suggested that Russia could have acted to prevent this from happening: The Soviet Union under Brezhnev had already drawn up plans to divert some of the big Siberian rivers to the south into the Aral Sea for the purpose of providing the arid south with more fresh water. It may still be in time to undertake this effort in order for the gulf stream to recover.

Europe, it appears, is heading for a long-term cooling period while the rest of the planet heats up. Time to pack up and move south?

Update 1: In summer 2010 "the intelligence" points us to Gianluigi Zangari from the notable international research labs in Frascati. He too noticed the absence of the gulf stream, presumed however it has been caused by the BP oil spill. Caution, the article also mentions the gulf stream having been in existence for millions of years. This is incorrect and probably an error by the author of the blog, Daniela Mangiulli, not Mr Zangari himself.

Update 2: Later, Russia Today reported 2010/2011 would be the coldest winter in a 1,000 years. Olivia Serdeczny reconstructs that this is false information, as it is based on some journalistic communication mishaps.

Still, the gulf stream theory has not been disproven. This article was written one year earlier and I cannot find evidence that suggests given information as being fake. The truth is, nobody knows for sure. We can only collect pieces of evidence and take guesses at the big picture.

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